Vital One - 5 Day energy regeneration retreat

Summer Special: 24. - 29.6. 2019.

5 days of healing program to achieve the key health maintenance skills and abilities

5 Day energy regeneration with Yoga, Chi Gong, Bioenergy, and Shiatsu

Retreat to acquire crucial know-how to preserve health

It's time you reconsider your attitude about health and healing. If you want to know the secret to life, start thinking about energy and frequency.

We welcome you to discover this oasis on Tramuntana, a treasure trove of life and peace. Here, where immortelle and the Mediterranean sage are the favorite meal of bees, the biodiversity is bigger than on all of the 1200 islands in Croatia. Deer at large, boars, and sheep live happily in forests, and dolphins swim in the crystal-clear sea. Endangered griffon vultures and eagles found shelter here. This says a lot about the power of life force of this area.

Your teacher, Gianni Glavina, was born here and he will teach you about the crucial things, exercises and treatments to elevate your personal frequency, release the body of tension and to perform strong detox. This is energy regeneration at all levels of mind, spirit, and body.

The program includes:

Dates and prices:

1 person full board and 7-day healing program

Program will:

  • Strengthen the immune system, preserve the health
  • Renew the energy field of the body
  • Establish mind-spirit-body balance
  • Deeply relax you, improve concentration, increase creativity

Unique high-energy exercises based on Yoga and Chi Gong methods are the foundation of prevention and preserving health. By practicing these simple and easy, soothing therapeutic movements, we achieve deep muscle and tendon relaxation and better energy flow throughout the body and all internal organs.

Bioenergy therapy is based on re-balancing the body's energy field. One of the purposes of Bioenergy is to free the blockages that cause pain and diseases and to strengthen our immune systems. The universal life energy contains the information necessary for activating our natural self-healing process. The therapy is safe, non-invasive, painless and simple.

Breathing techniques - Through breathing, we introduce 50% of life energy our body needs, 30% through the water we drink, and only 20% through healthy nutrition. By breathing, we eliminate 80% of toxins from our body and free it from accumulated stress. Pranayama is the ultimate science of breathing. By applying these techniques, we strongly energize the body, increasing the lung capacity and improve its utilization.

The essence of shiatsu is touch - pressure. The pressure of fingers and palms on certain zones and points of the body, stretching and rotation of the limbs and joints, corrective procedures on the bone and muscle structure, stretching muscles and fascia (fine connective tissue), are the tools a shiatsu practitioner uses to stimulate the life energy and allow free movement in the body.

Superfood – organic, raw, alkaline balanced and a protein-rich vegetarian diet can help you a lot when it comes to healing or disease prevention because it provides the body with superior nutritional support. The term superfood applies to the food with an extremely high level of phytonutrients. These nutrients have a major positive impact on our health.

The foods we use contain such high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, that they have special healing and detoxifying properties.


Your hosts:

Participant's experiences :

"I finally felt that energy that I had only read about and discussed with my friends. I am positive that you are taking me in the right direction. A feeling I cannot describe!"
Miro (Slovenia)

"I came here with a stiff back and I’m leaving pain-free and richer for one new friendship, valuable lessons, and insights you have given me."
Jasmine (Germany)

"I had felt so good immediately after the treatment, so the next time I brought my whole family here"
Stela, Maja, Dražen and Nataša (Croatia)

"A brand-new mind and body experience. Thank you!"
Paulo (Italy)

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Gianni Glavina, instructor, founder

Nina Malatestinic, Manager of Pension Tramontana