Á la carte menu

Mixed platter Tramontana - pancetta, sausage,sheep cheese, olives14 euro kn
Smoked Ham,olives 0,10 kg13 euro kn
Sheep cheese, olives por. 0,10 kg13 euro kn
Smoked Ham, sheep cheese, olives 0,10 kg13 euro kn
Salted anchovies portion10 euro kn
Octopus on salad15 euro kn
Soup of the day5,00 euro kn
Olive portion3 euro kn
Main dishes:
Wild game stew with homemade gnocchi14 euro kn
Tagliatelle con ragu " Bolognese"12 euro kn
Grilled chicken with a side dish12 euro kn
Venison burger with a side dish10 euro kn
Grilled squid with side dish22 euro kn
Baked octopus with a side dish25 euro kn
Prawn Risotto15 euro kn
Hake fillet, tartar sauce, side dish of your choice12 euro kn
Polenta with sheep cheese, cream and sage12 euro kn
Mixed meat 300 grams with side dish19 euro kn
Vegetarian Dishes
Gnocchi with Wild garlic12 euro kn
MC Nina ( veggie burger )10 euro kn
Veggie burger with cheese10 euro kn
Side dishes:
Boiled potatos3 euro kn
Swiss chard with potatoes4 euro kn
Polenta4 euro kn
French fries5 euro kn
Bread portion 4 feta1,50 euro kn
Small mixed salad4,50 euro kn
Tramontana - small salad with sheep cheese and olives7,50 euro kn
Pancakes with chocolate5 euro kn
Pancakes with marmelade5 euro kn
Crepes "Beli" (with honey and lemon)5 euro kn
Vegan cake (figs, nuts, coconut oil)6 euro kn
traditional dishes" Peka" to order for a minimum of 4 people
VAT and consumer tax are included in price. Payment: euro and credit cards

Couvert – oil, bread, napkins – 10 kn/person

Vat and consumer tax are included in price.