Hors d'oeuvres:
Sheep cheese, olives por. 0,10 kg80,00 kn
Smoked Ham 0,10 kg80,00 kn
Smoked Ham, cheese, olives 0,10 kg80,00 kn
Salted anchovies por.75,00 kn
Hot appetizers:
Soup of the day25,00 kn
Goulash with fuži (Istrian pasta)80,00 kn
Octopus broth with side dish85,00 kn
spaghetti with prawns100,00 kn
Pasta with prosciutto75,00 kn
spaghetti with pesto genovese75,00 kn
Main dishes:
Čevapčići with side dish85,00 kn
Wild Dino plate for 2 people: Venison cutlet, venison burger, deer liver, spicy dumplings, 2 side dishes250,00 kn
Lamb portion with side dish130,00 kn
MC ROBY (homemade hamburger made from wild boar meat)75,00 kn
Gourmet hamburger with a side dish85,00 kn
MC NINA (homemade veggie burger) Bagel-griled vegetables,cheese,egg75,00 kn
Polenta with sheep cheese, cream and sage75,00 kn
Vegetarian plate or vegan plate75,00 kn
Grilled squid with side dish100,00 kn
Grilled Prawns 0,50 kg150,00 kn
sardines with side dish90,00 kn
Fish - daily offer40,00 (100g) kn
Tramontana fish platter for 2 people (mixed fish, squid, shrimp)420,00 kn
extra quality fish - daily offer550,00 kn
Dorade with side dish por.120,00 kn
Side dishes:
Mangel with potatoes25,00 kn
French fries & ketchup or mayonnaise25,00 kn
Polenta25,00 kn
boiled potatoes25,00 kn
Grilled vegetables40,00 kn
Teranica - small salad chosen by guest25,00 kn
Salad for 2 persons40,00 kn
Tramontana - small salad with sheep cheese and olives50,00 kn
Family salad for 4 persons60,00 kn
Crepes with chocolate or marmelade27,00 kn
Crepes "Beli" (with honey and lemon)27,00 kn
Crepes (with nuts and chocolate)38,00 kn
Dessert tramontana
Integral fig pie with honey35,00 kn
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream35,00 kn
Dessert Kumparička: goat cheese, fresh figs, goat caramel35,00 kn
lava cake35,00 kn
Gelati d'Oro (vegan ice cream without lactose and gluten29,00 kn
Bread portion 4 slices10,00 kn
Le couvert10,00 kn
Meals under the oven, on Saturdays from 19-22 h or by order, at least 4 people

Couvert – oil, bread, napkins – 10 kn/person

Vat and consumer tax are included in price.