Hors d'oeuvres
Sheep cheese, olives por. 0,10 kg50,00 kn
Smoked Ham,olives 0,10 kg70,00 kn
Salted anchovies por.40,00 kn
Octopus salad por .70,00 kn
Hot appetizers
Soup of the day25,00 kn
Pasta/Rice with shrimps (schampi)100,00 kn
Pasta/Rice with seafood90,00 kn
Šurlice (Istrian Noodles) (Gnocchi after season) with goulash75,00 kn
Black risotto with cuttlefish75,00 kn
Main dishes
Lamb with side dish, portion cca 0,30 kg130,00 kn
Čevapčići with side dish75,00 kn
Mixed meat with side dish portion100,00 kn
Chicken breast (breaded or grilled) with side dish65,00 kn
Homemade Pljeskavica (meatballs) with side dish75,00 kn
Homemade sausages with polenta70,00 kn
Squid with side dish portion90,00 kn
Fish plate „Tramontana" for 2 persons (mixed fish, shrimp, squid with side dish)350,00 kn
Sardines with side dish-portion60,00 kn
Fresh fish: (hake-part of cod family, shark, sole) 1 kg300,00 kn
Fresh fish: (sea bream, sea bass) 1 kg300,00 kn
Premium fresh fish (tooth fish, redfish, John Dory fish) 1 kg500,00 kn
Skampi (Buzara-stewed or grill) 0,5 kg250,00 kn kn
Shrimp with garlic in white wine 0,5 kg150,00 kn
Vegetarian dishes-portion
Vegetarian plate Beli (grilled vegetables,polenta, sheep cheese)60,00 kn
Spaghetti Beli with tomato, garlic, parmesan, basil and olive oil55,00 kn
Grilled vegetables50,00 kn
Raw food platter (lettuce, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, carrots, chickpeas)50,00 kn
Polenta with sheep cheese, cream and sage60,00 kn
Side dishes of choice
French fries, Swiss chard, patatoes, polenta,rice-portion25,00 kn
Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Ajvar-Port.5,00 kn
Salad portion
Teranica-small salad chosen by guest25,00 kn
Beli-small salad with tomatoes, basil, feta, capers and olives for one person40,00 kn
Tramontana-small salad with sheep cheese and olives40,00 kn
Family salad for 4 persons50,00 kn
Desserts portion
Crepes with chocolate/marmelade20,00 kn
Crepes "Beli" (with honey and lemon)25,00 kn
Crepes with ice cream and chocolate syrup40,00 kn
Crepes with walnuts and chocolate syrup35,00 kn
Dessert Tramontana daily offer28,00 kn
Vegan ice cream "Gelati d'Oro Premium, 100%, natural ice cream without milk15,00 kn
Fresh fruit15,00 kn
Milk ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry), a scoop10,00 kn
Cream5,00 kn
Couvert-oil, bread / person10,00 kn

Couvert – oil, bread, napkins –7,5 kn/person

Vat and consumer tax are included in price.