Hors d'oeuvres:
Sheep cheese, olives por. 0,10 kg(10,62€)80 kn
Smoked Ham 0,10 kg(10,62€)80 kn
Smoked Ham, cheese, olives 0,10 kg(10,62€)80 kn
Salted anchovies por.(9,95€)75 kn
Hot appetizers:
Soup of the day(3,32€)25 kn
Lamb liver alla veneziana(9,95€)75 kn
Bruschette por.(5,97€)45 kn
Spaghetti with prawns(13,27€)100 kn
Pasta with prosciutto(9,95€)75 kn
Spaghetti with pesto genovese(9,95€)75 kn
Spaghetti bolognese(9,95€)75 kn
Main dishes:
Wild game stew with homemade gnocchi(10,62€)80 kn
Čevapčići with side dish(11,28€)85 kn
Game cutlet with a side dish(15,93€)120 kn
MC ROBY (homemade hamburger made from wild boar meat)(9,95€)75 kn
MC NINA (homemade veggie burger) Bagel-griled vegetables,cheese,egg(9,95€)75 kn
Polenta with sheep cheese, cream and sage(9,95€)75 kn
Vegetarian plate or vegan plate(9,95€)75 kn
Grilled squid with side dish(13,27€)100 kn
Grilled Prawns 0,50 kg(19,91€)150 kn
Shrimps 0,50 kg(39,82€)300 kn
Fish - daily offer 100 g(5,31€)40 kn
Tramontana fish platter for 2 people -mixed fish, squid,Adriatic prawns with 2 side dish(55,74€)420 kn
Extra quality fish - daily offer 100 g(7,30€)55 kn
Hake with side dish por.(15,93€)120 kn
Side dishes:
Mangel with potatoes(3,32€)25 kn
French fries & ketchup or mayonnaise(3,32€)25 kn
Polenta(3,32€)25 kn
Boiled potatoes(3,32€)25 kn
Grilled vegetables(5,31€)40 kn
Teranica - small salad chosen by guest(3,32€)25 kn
Salad for 2 persons(5,31€)40 kn
Tramontana - small salad with sheep cheese and olives(6,64€)50 kn
Crepes with chocolate or marmelade(3,58€)27 kn
Crepes "Beli" (with honey and lemon)(3,58€)27 kn
Crepes (with nuts and chocolate)(5,04€)38 kn
Crepes with ice-cream(5,18€)39 kn
Dessert Tramontana (daily offer)(4,65€)35 kn
Dessert Kumparička: goat cheese, fresh figs, goat caramel(4,65€)35 kn
Lava cake(4,65€)35 kn
Lava cake with vanilla ice-cream(6,24€)47 kn
Fruit from the daily offer(3,32€)25 kn
Bread portion 4 slices(1,33€)10 kn
Le couvert per person(1,33€)10 kn
PEKA- meals under the bell on saturdays from 19-22 h or by order, at least 4 people
1€ = 7.53450kn-Fixed Exchange Rate -. VAT and consumer tax are included in price- Payment: CRO kn and credit cards

Couvert – oil, bread, napkins – 10 kn/person

Vat and consumer tax are included in price.