Choose your Beach – TAXI BOAT

Craving to relax by the crystal clear sea in untouched nature?

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Enjoy all-day swimming and diving. Relax on one of the dozen bays/beaches accessible only by boat.

Get in touch with nature, recharge your batteries and enjoy a beautiful day on the beach!

We will pick you up in the morning and return for you by appointment. We recommend that you take with you a parasol, snorkeling equipment, protective cream, water and food. If desired, we can prepare a picnic package for you

The program includes:


50 euro/per person

Duration: boat ride 30-45 minutes; enjoying the beach for 2-5 hours, return boat rides 30-45 minutes
Minimum 4 people, maximum 10 people

Children: (4-14 years): 25 euro
Children up to 4 years: free of charge

Extra Facility: Picnic package, parasol and snorkeling equipment can be arranged with us. 

The beaches are accessible only by boat which makes the location ideal for relaxation and to enjoy the cristal clear sea and nature. They are popular diving destination; the reef is on both sides of the beach and there is an underwater cave nearby. Because of cristal clear sea, the location is also great for snorkeling.

Experice apsolute relaxation and tranquility.

Beaches are part of the ornithological reserve Kruna, please pay attention to the importance of nature preservation.

Daily trips

The trips are daily from 10 am to 6 pm and include lunch on the beach and drinks. On the beach we have canopy beds and Sun protections made of natural materials. In the woods nearby we have a small kitchen area with a big wooden table where guests can socialize, play board games or relax. For children we also have a small play area.