Walking and mountain climbing

Pansion Tramontana is situated near the beginning of all 7 eco trails and it is a popular destination of mountain climbers, trekkers and nature enthusiasts.

The area of Tramuntana has 7 walking eco trails that follow the old paths that used to connect the villages of Tramuntana and the trails are equally interesting to experienced mountaineers and recreational trekkers because of their different lengths and difficulty.

The villages are today completely abandoned, but nowadays they are like an ethnological museum in the open. Along the trails are labyrinths dedicated to connect the man and the Spirit of Nature.

Climbing the highest peak of the island of Cres, Gorice (648 m) is also interesting because of magnificent views of the island and the mountaineer tradition is the climb to the nearby peak Sis (639 m). The beginning of the trail that leads to Sis and Gorice is the crossroad of the main island road and the road that leads to Beli. That point is the narrowest point of the island and you can see the island of Krk and the Istrian coast. It takes about 45 minutes to climb to Sis.

Daily trip idea

If you are staying nearby the island of Cres, you can also visit Beli on a daily walking trip. Simply drive to the ferry station Brestova, leave your car or the bus if you are a bigger group, board the ferry and come to the ferry station Porozina on the island of Cres where the walking trail to Beli begins.

To come to Beli you need to follow the orange eco walking trail. The trails starts by splitting into two directions. If you take the left fork of the trail, you will come to the abandoned village of Rosuja where you can enjoy beautiful view of the Kvarner bay and Istria. After the village of Petričevi, the orange trail meets the blue trail. Getting off the orange and following the blue trail will get you to Beli. Trip duration is 3 to 4 hrs in each direction.